Occupational Safety and Health In The Era of Covid 19 Outbreak

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OSH is a multidisciplinary topic concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of employees in the world of work. According to the Labour Act [28:01], The employer has an obligation to provide a safe working environment to their employees and the employees have a responsibility to observe the laid down safety and health rules and regulations.

The ultimate goal is to foster a safe and healthy working environment, In Zimbabwe OSH is regulated generally by the Factories and works Act [20], Labour Act [28:01], and NSSA (Accident Prevention and Workers Compensation Scheme) -Provision of Personal Protective Equipment is one of the best ways to ensure the protection of employees at work, Formulation of company health and safety policy which employees will be required to adhere to also comes in handy in ensuring clearly defining the role of both employers and workers in maintaining OSH. Section 36 of CBA for Brick Making and Clay Products Manufacturing Industry SI 156 of 2020, places an obligation on employers to provide PPE (terms and conditions apply). -It is the role of all Employers within Our Sector to ensure that they put in place safety rules in their organizations to prevent the spread of Covid -19, it is also the responsibility of everyone to ensure that these rules are followed for the sake of our health and safety, remember there are families back at home which can be affected by your reckless behavior at work if you contract covid-19, you will be putting many people at risk including your beloved ones.

Let’s all wear masks always as mandated by the government, social distancing is a necessity in these times we are living in, sanitizing our hands-on regular basis and washing of hands using water and soap.

Face Mask
let’s all wear masks always as mandated by the government

The NEC encourage employers to ensure that, temperature checks are done at all point of entries in the organization, provision of soapy water for washing of hands and hand sanitizers. It is also important to disinfect our working areas regularly especially door handles, bathrooms, and kitchen areas.

COVID -19 IS REAL, ITS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE A SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT. Refer to SI 10 OF 2021 for COVID-19 Lockdown Regulations. Any questions, complaints, or queries, do not hesitate to contact the D.A @ APP/CALL 0773902300 .email:[email protected]/ [email protected]

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