Managing TB & HIV/AIDS At The Workplace

Managing TB & HIV/AIDS At The Workplace

HIV/AIDS is one of the most significant challenges to health, development, economic and social progress. It poses a significant obstacle to attaining decent work and sustainable development. The world of work plays a crucial role in addressing HIV and AIDS by offering a valuable entry point to reach women and men workers in the setting […]

Annual Shutdown and Vacation Leave

Closed Door

A shutdown is when a business temporarily closes during slow periods of the year, such as Christmas and New Year. A shutdown is not the same as a stand down, a stand-down is when an employer sends employees home if there is no useful work for reasons beyond their control like a natural disaster or […]

The Basics of Zimbabwean Employment Contracts


Zimbabwean Employment Contracts have been quite a fascinating field for most labour experts. A lot of debate and theories have been built around them. In this short post, we examine the basics of how exactly these contracts operate, along with the regulations that govern them. Most workers in Zimbabwe are on fixed-term contracts. According to […]