Managing TB & HIV/AIDS At The Workplace

Managing TB & HIV/AIDS At The Workplace

HIV/AIDS is one of the most significant challenges to health, development, economic and social progress. It poses a significant obstacle to attaining decent work and sustainable development.

The world of work plays a crucial role in addressing HIV and AIDS by offering a valuable entry point to reach women and men workers in the setting where they spend much of their lives (the workplace).

HIV/AIDS in the Workplace

The Development and implementation of workplace sector HIV/AIDS & TB policy SI 155 of 2023 by our industry is a strong commitment by all stakeholders to take issues of HIV/AIDS & TB seriously. The sector policy HIV/AIDS facilitates access to prevention, treatment, care, and support services for workers and their families and dependents

On the 23rd of November 2023, our industry joined the rest of the world in showing commitment to the recommendation provided in the ILO Recommendation 200 as well as the national policy on HIV/AIDS SI 105 of 2014 by developing our industry-specific policy on HIV/AIDS & TB (SI 155 OF 2023). The policy compels employers to commit resources towards the management of HIV/AIDS and TB at the workplace and provides penalties for violation of the guidelines.

Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare through its SI 155 OF 2023, supports managing HIV/AIDS & TB policy at the workplace

The government through our parent Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare fully supports the initiative by our sector as they participated and launched our sector policy. Individuals and companies are encouraged to adhere to the guidelines provided in SI 155 OF 2023 in managing HIV/AIDS & TB policy at the workplace.

The NEC will continue to roll out awareness programs as part of capacity building and information dissemination throughout all provinces as we target to have zero cases of employment disputes arising from HIV/AIDS issues as well as zero cases of new infections, stigma, and discrimination.


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