Understanding The NEC`s Core Functions

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Curious to know what NEC is all about?

The NEC main function is that of facilitating collective bargaining in the brickmaking and Clay products Industry. The Employer Association and the Trade Union negotiate at least once a year on issues involving but not limited to salaries and general conditions of services. Collective Bargaining Agreements and their Amendments are available from Print Flow formerly known as Government Printers.


The NEC conducts training of stakeholders within its scope of coverage on issues relating to

  • Workers Committees and Works Council duties
  • Collective bargaining Agreement and the labour Legislation governing Labour law in Zimbabwe
  • Productivity within the sector

The current dispute resolution system in the NEC Brickmaking and Clay Products sector is governed by the Labour Act Chapter 28:01

All disputes that arise in the Brickmaking and Clay Products Sector are resolved in accordance with the National Code of Conduct or workplace Code of conduct and the Labour Act chapter 28:01

Unfair labour practices are referred to the Designated Agent for conciliation and subsequent rulings where disputes are disputes of right.

Disputes of interest in the essential services are resolved through compulsory arbitration  whilst disputes of interests in non-essential services are resolved through voluntary arbitration.

Appeals emanating from disciplinary processes are dealt with as per Company Code of Conduct or as guided by the National Code of Conduct.


Labour inspections are conducted by the designated agent as per the Labour Act Chapter 28:01


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