The Effects of Social Media on Corporate Brands and Employment Contracts

Social Media

In this modern world the use internet & social media in particular is the new trend, almost everyone subscribes to at least one social media platforms, the most commonly used in Zimbabwe are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Most employment contracts or code of conducts are silent on cyber activities, mainly because in the past […]

Annual Shutdown and Vacation Leave

Closed Door

A shutdown is when a business temporarily closes during slow periods of the year, such as Christmas and New Year. A shutdown is not the same as a stand down, a stand-down is when an employer sends employees home if there is no useful work for reasons beyond their control like a natural disaster or […]

Managing Industrial Relations In An Ever-Changing Global Work Environment

Industrial Relations

In an ever-changing and fast-paced corporate world, training and development is an indispensable function It allows employees to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones perform better, increase productivity and be better leaders A company is a sum of what employees achieve individually hence it is important for an organization to ensure that employees perform at […]

Ammendments (Summary) of NECBRICK CBA


The NEC resolved to amend its Principal CBA- S.I 13 of 2006 so as to align it to the operating environment and legislative developments of the last decade or so. The Council also registered its first ever industry employment code of conduct since the deregulation of discipline management to the workplace and industry levels by […]

Permissible Deductions on Salary

Many a time employers encounter situations where they incur losses which are attributed to their employees’ negligence, lack of due care and diligence, theft/fraud or wilful breach of contract. The other common case is where an employee resigns summarily without giving due notice as prescribed under section 12 (4) of the Labour Act thereby jeopardizing […]

The History of Zimbabwean National Employment Councils

In Zimbabwe, the provision for National Employment Councils has been there since 1980. National Employment Councils, once known as Industrial Councils, have been in existence since 1934 in some cases they were named Bargaining Councils. In simple terms, National Employment Councils are representative bodies of employer and employee organizations. The National Employment Council is ordinarily […]

The Basics of Zimbabwean Employment Contracts


Zimbabwean Employment Contracts have been quite a fascinating field for most labour experts. A lot of debate and theories have been built around them. In this short post, we examine the basics of how exactly these contracts operate, along with the regulations that govern them. Most workers in Zimbabwe are on fixed-term contracts. According to […]