Managing TB & HIV/AIDS At The Workplace

Managing TB & HIV/AIDS At The Workplace

HIV/AIDS is one of the most significant challenges to health, development, economic and social progress. It poses a significant obstacle to attaining decent work and sustainable development. The world of work plays a crucial role in addressing HIV and AIDS by offering a valuable entry point to reach women and men workers in the setting […]

NECBRICK Code & GP Summary

The Council managed to register its first industry employment code of conduct ever. The Code and Grievance Procedure was published in the Government Gazette on the 3rd of July 2020. The following is a summary of the critical sections of the code and grievance procedure. Application & Scope The Code applies to ALL Permanent, Contract […]

Permissible Deductions on Salary

Many a time employers encounter situations where they incur losses which are attributed to their employees’ negligence, lack of due care and diligence, theft/fraud or wilful breach of contract. The other common case is where an employee resigns summarily without giving due notice as prescribed under section 12 (4) of the Labour Act thereby jeopardizing […]